Comparison of a "Spring Clean & Check" vs. "Enhanced Computerized Tune-Up"

Spring Clean & Check

Lasts about 30 to 45 minutes total from the time the technician arrives to the completion of the Cooling Clean& Check.

  1. Check filter
  2. Check the thermostat operation
  3. Turn on air conditioner
  4. Check the indoor coil metering device
  5. Connect refrigerant gauges
  6. Connect temperature probes on line set
  7. Check voltage drop across the contactor
  8. Check the outdoor electrical connections
  9. Check the run capacitor load condition

    After 15 minutes of run time: 
  10. Read & record suction pressure
  11. Read & record suction temperature
  12. Read & record liquid pressure
  13. Read & record liquid temperature
  14. Calculate system superheat
  15. Calculate system subcooling
  16. Measure voltage and amperage
  17. Remove trash and debris from condenser
  18. Clean the coil of the outdoor unit

The Difficult We Will Do Immediately.  The Impossible Will Take A Little Longer.

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Furnace Clean & Inspect
Reg $119.00 (each unit)
Now $99.00 (each unit)*#
Boiler Clean & Inspect
Reg $130.00 (each unit)
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Clean & Inspect
Reg $46.00 (each unit)
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Water Heater Burner Clean & Check
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+ Must Be Done With Clean & Check
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#Indoor Coil Cleaning Extra
Air Flow Diagnostics for Hot Rooms/Cold Rooms
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