Green Solutions For Your Indoor Comfort

The home is one of the biggest investments most people will ever make.



A properly installed and maintained Heating and Air Conditioning system will provide a comfortable environment and make your
investment affordable.  A properly installed system will run more efficiently which means less energy consumed, which uses less resources; thus, a proper installation with efficient equipment is a Green solution to excess energy consumption!


A poorly designed and/or installed Heating and Air Conditioning system can rob you of the comfort you are seeking, create unwanted noise levels, reduce equipment life, and result in higher than normal operating costs.  Furthermore it will require more energy consumption to run this equipment which has a negative impact on our environment.


At Climate Makers, Inc., we guarantee all of our work. We strive to perform optimal installations as well as determine the status of your Heating or Air Conditioning systems during our routine checkups in order to make corrections to faulty installations or repair anything necessary to ensure that your system performs its best.

The Difficult We Will Do Immediately.  The Impossible Will Take A Little Longer.

Heating Season Tune-Up Web Specials

(Weekdays During Normal Business Hours Only).


Furnace Clean & Inspect
Reg $119.00 (each unit)
Now $99.00 (each unit)*#
Boiler Clean & Inspect
Reg $130.00 (each unit)
Now $110.00 (each unit)*
Clean & Inspect
Reg $46.00 (each unit)
Now $39.00 (each unit)*+
Water Heater Burner Clean & Check
Reg $69.00 (each unit)
Now $65.00 (each unit)*+
Ask about our Energy
Saving Maintenance Agreement
Offers expires 3/31/2019
* Not valid with any other offer
+ Must Be Done With Clean & Check
* Repairs Additional
#Indoor Coil Cleaning Extra
Air Flow Diagnostics for Hot Rooms/Cold Rooms
Ask for details

Who We Are

Climate Makers, Inc. is an HVAC/HVACR (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration) company based out of Lake Zurich, IL since 1978, servicing Chicago North and Northwest Suburbs.  Service on all brands.  All work guaranteed.

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