Choosing the Right Contractor

  • Don't assume all contractors are "Pretty Much the Same"
  • Don't assume a "Name Brand" Dealer is automatically a good choice
  • Don't choose a contractor who doesn't perform an ACCA 'Manual J' Load Calculation for your home!
  • Don't be misled by many who only offer to replace equipment
  • Don't choose a contractor that doesn't ask a lot of questions
  • Don't choose a contractor who doesn't explain your options
  • Don't focus only on the initial costs
  • Don't assume the lowest price company is the one you should hire
  • Don't put up with high pressure sales-people
  • Don't try to buy a new system over the phone

What you need to know when purchasing a new heating or cooling system for your home:

The most important part of shopping for a new heating or air conditioning unit is to select the right contractor. If you choose the wrong one, you risk getting a system that won’t keep you comfortable, and won’t save you much if anything on your monthly utility bills. In some instances, you may end up with a system that cannot reach the temperature setting on the thermostat.



In order to get the efficiency and comfort you desire, you must find a contractor who will:


  • select the right size equipment for your home
  • install it properly
  • uncover and solve any pre-existing problems with your duct system or home insulation


During the sales process, we sit down with the homeowners to discuss any issues they have with the existing  equipment. We also try to find out if there are any comfort issues or recurring dust problems in the home. Next, we evaluate the entire HVAC system. A complete evaluation of the existing duct system is performed to be sure it will be adequate for the new higher efficiency equipment that will be installed.

Choosing the Right Size Equipment

To determine the right equipment, the house will be measured and a Load Calculation will be performed. This calculation shows the proper size equipment for the home. The selected equipment is compared with the duct system to make sure it is adequate. Duct corrections will be included in the proposal.

There are two types of equipment efficiencies: the Certified Efficiency, and the System Efficiency. The certified efficiency is the efficiency that was achieved at the factory using DOE test standards – ideal conditions – proper air flow. The system efficiency is the efficiency that is achieved once the equipment is installed. If the duct system is in bad shape or is too small, the system efficiency will be low. The new higher efficiency equipment requires more air flow than older, less efficient equipment. The duct system and installed components determine the amount of air flow through the equipment.

A heating system reaches its peak efficiency after a minimum run time of five minutes. If the heating equipment is too large for the home, it will deliver a high amount of heat and satisfy the temperature on the thermostat in a relatively short time. When the furnace is about to reach its peak efficiency, it is turning off. Therefore; you are heating your home when the furnace is operating at less than its maximum efficiency. The heater cycles on and off constantly. This also causes excess wear and tear on the equipment. Having the proper size equipment will result in longer run times that will allow the furnace to operate closer to peak efficiency. The longer run times will also result in increased comfort. Since the equipment is operating at a higher efficiency, there will be less gas consumption. 

Humidity in the Household: Too Low or Too High?

Humidity levels in a household are important year round.  During the summer months, it is important to dehumidify the home so that while running the Air Conditioning it doesn't feel cold and clammy.  Furthermore, dehumidification reduces bacterial and fungal growth, preventing mold and mildew from causing musty odors in the home.  During the winter months, if the humidity in the home is too low you may suffer from recurring static shocks, more severe dust and dander allergies, as well as yield a higher utility bill because there is no humidity in the air to hold the heat.  If you suffer from frequent static shocks, you may need to adjust your humidifier; if you don't have one, you may want to consider adding one to your system for both savings as well as comfort.  We professionally install humidifiers manufactured by Honeywell.  

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioners start to reach their rated efficiency after fifteen minutes of run-time. If the air conditioner is oversized (too large) for the home, it will cool down the space and turn off before it reaches its peak efficiency. In most cases, the run time is too short to properly dehumidify the air. High humidity levels make the home feel uncomfortable. To overcome this, temperature settings on the thermostat are lowered. This make the space feel cool and clammy. Lower humidity levels make the home feel cooler. When the humidity levels drop, the temperature setting on the thermostat goes up, (space starts to feel cold). This reduces energy consumption – (smaller unit – less power consumption).  Properly sized equipment along with a properly sized duct system can result in longer equipment life. The increased energy saving can then be realized over a longer period of time.

The Difficult We Will Do Immediately.  The Impossible Will Take A Little Longer.

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