Does Your Heating or Cooling System Need Repair?

All of the employees of Climate Makers, Inc. are trained professionals in the field of residential heating and air
, commercial heating and air conditioning, as well as attend several training classes throughout the year to expand their knowledge of the continuous evolution of the latest
advanced technologies that are installed in today's high efficiency heating and air conditioning equipment.



By attending Manufacturer's training seminars, Climate Makers, Inc. can ensure their customers with the highest level of service and installation procedures.  In fact, wholesalers will often refer customers to Climate Makers, Inc. to correct improper installations and to diagnose problems with new equipment.

In addition to manufacturer's training, all of our technicians obtain advanced skills that go beyond the equipment.  Training in Building Science from the Comfort Institute gives us the knowledge to look beyond the equipment to solve comfort and indoor air quality issues related to the home.


Our technicians have also been trained and certified by the National Comfort Institute in Air Flow Diagnostics and Corrections, and Carbon Monoxide and Combustion Efficiency Testing and Adjustment.  Our professionals use their skills and tools to determine the cause of the problem.  By determining the cause, repeat failures can be avoided.  

In addition to their professional knowledge, our employees are also courteous and friendly.  They are trained to respect the customer's property and all efforts are made to clean up the area
after work has been completed.  Because of the nature of the work being somewhat messy, all of our employees wear floor protectors before entering a house, and all of our employees wear a uniform that clearly says
Climate Makers.  We hope you find our company to meet or exceed your expectations in service as well as customer service.

The Difficult We Will Do Immediately.  The Impossible Will Take A Little Longer.

Heating Season Tune-Up Web Specials

(Weekdays During Normal Business Hours Only).


Furnace Clean & Inspect
Reg $119.00 (each unit)
Now $99.00 (each unit)*#
Boiler Clean & Inspect
Reg $130.00 (each unit)
Now $110.00 (each unit)*
Clean & Inspect
Reg $46.00 (each unit)
Now $39.00 (each unit)*+
Water Heater Burner Clean & Check
Reg $69.00 (each unit)
Now $65.00 (each unit)*+
Ask about our Energy
Saving Maintenance Agreement
Offers expires 3/31/2019
* Not valid with any other offer
+ Must Be Done With Clean & Check
* Repairs Additional
#Indoor Coil Cleaning Extra
Air Flow Diagnostics for Hot Rooms/Cold Rooms
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Who We Are

Climate Makers, Inc. is an HVAC/HVACR (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration) company based out of Lake Zurich, IL since 1978, servicing Chicago North and Northwest Suburbs.  Service on all brands.  All work guaranteed.

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