Zoning Technology

Are some of your rooms hotter or colder than others?  Finding it difficult to adjust your heat settings for whole house comfort?  You may want to consider a zoning system.  Zoning technology divides the home's existing ductwork into specific zones that can be controlled independently, whether heating or cooling.  An example of this would include the bedrooms in one zone, the family room in another, and the kitchen in a third zone.  Furthermore, you could make extra additions, finished basement rooms, or any other hard to heat/cool rooms as a zone for their own separate control.  Why only be comfortable in part of your home?

What Exactly is Zoning?

Forced air zoning is a system that uses multiple thermostats and automatic dampers in your home's ductwork to intelligently control the air flow to each register in the house.  It only directs air to the rooms that need it, damping the vents to those that do not.  Since one single thermostat isn't smart enough to detect the temperatures throughout the house, a zoning system puts a thermostat in all the different areas of the house to guide the air exactly where it needs to be, and stop it from where it is not needed.  

A zoning system is far superior to having one (or even two) air conditioners or furnaces - it is not only more energy efficient, but also gives you the ability to have as many specifically controlled areas as your home requires to guarantee absolute comfort.  Arzel has provided an brief video to explain zoning and its benefits.  Click here for Arzel's Zoning Demonstation.

How is Something Like This Installed?

Climate Makers, Inc. uses the Arzel System.  Arzel's Easy Slide Dampers use the existing ductwork and do not require any ductwork replacement as would be required with ordinary zoning systems.  There are no wires, motors, or special sensors that need to be attached, the Arzel Zoning System Control Panel is pre-programmed for quick installation and works with any conventional thermostat. 

The damper action of the Arzel System is air-driven, and is therefore quieter than motor-driven dampers in other zoning systems.  Plus, the gaskets are designed to completely shut off the vent, unlike traditional dampers which just cut off "most" of the flow, leading to expensive over-conditioning.

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